Use Whatsapp from your Browser with WhatsCloud

Whatscloud AH 1

One of the more popular messaging clients – especially in developing countries – is Whatsapp. I actually use it quite a bit. Mostly to keep work conversations away from my friends conversations. But also because I can’t get everyone to switch over to Hangouts. Another reason is that Whatsapp isnt blocked in China, so whenever I’m there for a smartphone launch I use Whatsapp. One of the issues with Whatsapp is that you can only use it from your smartphone. And it has to have a phone number. So you can’t do it from a tablet. Which kinda sucks.

However, with WhatsCloud, you can now use Whatsapp from your desktop. And more specifically, from your browser. Now this should work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS (I was only able to test it on Mac OS X and Chrome OS though). First you’ll need to download the WhatsCloud app. Which you will need Root for. You will then enter an email, password and confirm the password for your new account. Then it’ll sync your conversations from your Whatsapp App. When it’s done it’ll show you an encryption key. You’ll need that in the next step.

Now you’ll need to go to whatscloud.io. Login using the email and password you had just entered into the app on your phone. Now it’s going to ask you for your encryption key. Enter that into the space provided. Now you’ll see all of your convos on your computer. It does send your messages really quickly, and also shows up in the Whatsapp app on your smartphone very quickly. Which is important.

So finally we have a way to use Whatsapp from our computers. It’s not perfect, and I’m sure it’ll improve. But at last, it does work. Unfortunately you do need a rooted phone, which sucks, but it’s better than nothing. How many of you use Whatsapp? Let us know in the comments down below.