TrackingPoint Launch The Gun That Comes With A Live Streaming Android App


One of the real big buzz words (technically a buzz phrase in this instance) of 2014 was 'The Internet of Things'. This is one of those abstract concepts which seems to be gaining traction recently. In short, the premise of IoT is simply 'everything is connected'. With that in mind and with one of the year's biggest electronic events currently taking place, it is probably not a surprise to learn that IoT was everywhere at CES this year. Most companies at CES were promoting some form of 'connected' appliance, product or service.

However, one of the more interesting additions to the IoT landscape was that offered by Austin startup TrackingPoint. This company has already caught some attention with their precision-guided firearms. That said, the latest offering being touted at CES is a connected gun. In fact, this connected gun even comes with its own app which allows others to view what the gun is 'seeing'. ShotView, is an android app which streams content from the users firearm (via a heads up display unit) and is designed to allow (primarily) hunters to offer a way for their friends, associates, family etc to take part in a hunt. Those viewing the app can see in real-time the events occur. Of course, such technology would lend itself to areas other than hunting. Although, hunting is being touted by TrackingPoint as the purpose of the app. As Danielle Hambleton (TrackingPoint's vice president of marketing) states "Hunters can now share the thrill of the stalk and the excitement of victory in real-time".


For those interested, ShotView is not the only TrackingPoint product at CES, as they are also touting the already-mentioned precision-guided firearm which effectively allows users (including novices) to shoot without missing. The company literally states that it is impossible to miss a target. If you want to find out more about TrackingPoint and ShotView, then you can check them out at CES. If you are not in Vegas this week, then click here to head over to the TrackingPoint website for more details. So it seems the IoT really is branching out into all things recently and it might only be a matter of time before the 'Internet of Things' becomes the 'Internet of All Things'.

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