Toshiba Demonstrate Their Take On A Glass Wearable, Out Later This Year

We've seen many, many devices demonstrated and shown off at CES 2015, or Consumer Electronics Show, over the last week. One of the new products showcased is Toshiba Glass, which is Toshiba's take on an eye-wearable product, which the company is going to be delivering to enterprise customers later this year. The product is similar to Google Glass in as much as it's designed to give the wearer a heads up display with whatever they're looking at, rather than a heads down smartphone or computer. The Toshiba Glass is also a hands free solution, too. One difference between Toshiba Glass and Google Glass is that the Toshiba unit projects the display directly onto the lens. As you can see from the image below, the projection module sits on the side of the glasses frame; it may be removed from the frame but whilst they can be attached to other frames, they do require special lenses: Toshiba use subtle cuts into the glass to reflect the projection.

Toshiba Glass is a tethered device, receiving information and power from another device, which at the CES consisted of a desktop computer, but Toshiba are working on using either a smartphone or a separate box for this. Toshiba were demoing four different scenarios of usage including reading a recipe whilst cooking and using a warehouse indoor map to help the wearer locate inventory. The information presented to the wearer was square rather than rectangular but may be customized depending on what the customer needs; currently, there's no input method included with Toshiba Glass as this is also in the "to be developed" box.

Toshiba have not given any firm plans as to when their Glass will be ready other than highlight the flexibility of the project, as it may be adapted to suit the particular role in mind. Toshiba have said that they can work the unit for monocular, binocular or different styles, such as goggles and have plans to release a consumer version too, but we've no word on the form that this will take (other than presumably it'll be similar to the product you can see here). Still, Google Glass has been out for more than two years now and it's interesting to see other companies' take on a similar product: Toshiba Glass is arguably as different as it is similar. However, from what we've seen the hardware is still at a very early stage of development. We'll keep you in the loop.

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