Top Android Homescreen January 9th Edition: HoneyComb

It's Friday and here at Android Headlines that means it's time for another top homescreen design. This week, HoneyComb makes a triumphant return to Android, just not in the way that we all remember it. HoneyComb is this weeks top homescreen pick, and like all of our design picks every week it's made up from a few different apps, which we'll gloss over here and brief you on how to get it set up if you like the style and the look of this design, and would love to set it up for yourself.

The first method for setting this up on your own homescreen is the easiest, as all you need to do is install the third party home launcher called Themer, and then choose the HoneyComb theme after downloading the file from its creator which can be found at the source link below. The second method, for those who don't use Themer and prefer another third party home launcher with a little more control over what goes where, something like Nova Prime for example, you can choose to use something like Nova Prime or Apex pro for your third party home launcher, and you'll also need Zooper widgets pro for applying the widgets.

For the Nova launcher setup, make sure you set your desktop grid to 8 x 6,( 8 rows and 6 columns)and make sure there are no margins. Next disable the dock and disable the show shadow option, and set your number of homescreens to one page. The widgets can be downloaded from the source link, of which there are two, one being a 7 x 6 widget and the other is a 1 x 6 widget. Once you have the widgets downloaded, open up a file manager application and move them from whatever folder you placed them in when transferring them to your phone,(or move them from the downloads folder if you initiated the download from your phone)and make sure to move them into the Zooper folder. After that you're only a couple of "long presses" away from getting this design setup on your own device. If you like what you see, make sure to show the creator some appreciation by hitting the love button and "zoom" the image. As always, have a great weekend and happy themeing!

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