Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly – January 2015 Edition

Sony Smartwatch 3 AH 8


To get the New Year started, we’ve put together our regular pick of the Top 10 Android Wear apps from the past month. These could be good choices for your new smartwatch, or just something to get your brain moving before you have to go back to work. A lot of these new apps this month are watch faces, after all that’s what the latest Android Wear update to Android 5.0 was all about, and there are some great new additions available. As well as watch faces, apps many of us use on a daily basis have been upgraded with great Android Wear support and it’s a good time to be an Android Wear user.

PAC-MAN Watch Face



I’ll get this out of the way quickly; this is a paid watch face so, if you don’t want to pay for watch faces then move along. If you’re such a retro gamer that you get excited by the mention of PAC-MAN then this is for you. I’ve been using it with my G Watch, and it works well, it’s simple and the animations are a nice throwback. I would have expected more than one theme for this sort of price, but it certainly is a taste of PAC-MAN on your wrist.





Let’s face it, while talking to our watch is great and all, we don’t want to do it all the time in public and sometimes we can’t when in a meeting or something. This is where Coffee comes in, it’s an app designed to make it easy to simply send a quick, prewritten message to a frequent contact or to reply to an incoming text. Coffee is great for letting people know how long you’ll be, where they want to have lunch and of course whether or not they want to go for a coffee. A neat app that could be just what you’ve been looking for.



The Hundreds Watch Face



Another new watch face that takes advantage of the new update, The Hundreds is a lot of different styles all in one. Clearly something for those that want a little more pizazz to go with their smartwatch, the artwork here is cool and the digital camo is easily my favorite. There’s a lot on offer here, and while the face is fairly simple itself, there’s a lot to choose from.






While Frank Underwood probably doesn’t wear an Android Wear watch, that doesn’t mean you can’t. Now, Netflix has been updated with some nifty controls to pause playback and such, which is neat if you’re using Chromecast and don’t wanna use your phone to go for a bathroom break. That and it’s also a great way of showing off to friends, too.



Despicable Watch Face


What good is all this technology if it can’t put a smile on our faces? That’s why the minions from Despicable Me come in, with this nifty watch face you have have silliness on your watch all day. Clearly not something for the office, but I’m sure this will entertain the little ones and we all have to admit, it’s pretty difficult to not like the minions from the Despicable Me films. A neat little app that admittedly costs more than it should do with no 24 hour setting, this should bring a little fun to your wrist.





Todoist is one of the absolute best todo list apps available, and it recently got a whole lot better with brilliant Android Wear support. You can now view your tasks from your watch, as well as add new tasks and it all blends in with Android Wear nicely. There’s a lot of value here and if you’re a big Todoist user, this new addition will be something you’ve been waiting for.



Specialized Bikes Watch Face



Specialized Bikes Watch Face is, as you have already guessed a watch face designed specifically with bike riders in mind. It’ll tell the weather, the wind speed and its direction and more. This is definitely a watch face for those that are going to use their watches in the great outdoors. For those users, this is a simple, yet effective way of making good use of that extra screen on your wrist.



Wizz – Vibrations Messenger

wizzmessenger (1)


Wizz is an app for Android Wear that’s pretty much only going to be any good for users that know lots of friends with Android Wear watches. The idea here is that you choose a vibration pattern, or a wizz, and then send a wizz to your friend. The aim is that you’ll be able to send a wizz that instinctively lets the two of you know one of you wants to go for a beer and such, but how good it’ll be in practice is for you and your friends to determine.


Time and Space Watch Face



I know there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there – myself included – and it’s nice to be able to wear something a little personal with Android Wear watches. As such, the Time and Space face is a great choice for Doctor Who fans out there, and it’s a fun little watch face that’s not overly distracting, but still has a unique and fun look to it.



Vonage Mobile


Vonage is an important app and service for a lot of users out there, and now it’s landed on Android Wear. Heavy users that have been missing Android Wear integration can now exhale as they’ve finally added it to the Android app. Vonage Mobile will now enable you to reply to messages from your wrists as well as see missed calls to boot. A nifty addition that many will have been waiting for for a long time.