Tech Talk: Take A Look At The Ten Most Expensive Companies Google Has Ever Procured

Google is a massive company. Not perhaps as big as a corporation like Chase, but they're not small by any means. Part of this is helped by the number of companies they have purchased over the years since they became an official company themselves, in an ever growing effort to expand on their development of different technologies through various products and services. To date, Google has snatched up more than 170 different companies which they have either rolled into their own brand by utilizing the technologies for new and existing services, or kept independent under the guise of the term "a google company" like they did with Motorola.

Aptitude, which is a digital marketing agency gives us some information on Google's ten most expensive acquisitions over the years all wrapped up in a cool little info-graphic. Those ten most expensive acquisitions total an amount of about $24.5 billion, which includes companies like Motorola, ITA Software, AdMob, YouTube, Waze, and others. We'll start with YouTube which is number 4 on the list, as it was the first company purchased out of the 10, having been picked up by Google back in 2006 for a total of $1.65 Billion. Google wasted no time picking up YouTube, finalizing the sale a mere one year after it officially launched in 2005. YouTube now resides as the second largest search engine second only to Google. It has revolutionized the way we share videos and has given us a completely new way to grab information. Moving up the timeline is Google's 8th, and 3rd most expensive acquisitions, which are Postini for $625 million, and DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. Postini was a way for Google to enhance the security of Gmail, while DoubleClick was a way in for Google to the online advertising market. Along with the DoubleClick buy, Google was also granted all of DoubleClick's relationships with web publishers, advertisers and agencies. This made sense for Google as ad revenues through their search engine are the bread and butter of their profits.

Google's next acquisition on the most expensive list based on date was admob, a mobile advertising platform which helped Google to grow their advertising presence in the mobile space. Google grabbed admob for $750 million back in 2009, and is Google's 6th most expensive acquisition. In 2010 Google acquired ITA software for $700 million,(Google's 7th most expensive acquisition)giving them assets in the travel reservations software industry, which they utilized to launch Google Flights. Next comes the most expensive acquisition in Google history to date, Motorola, which Google purchased in 2011 for a total of $12.5 billion. This acquisition not only helped produce the likes of the Moto X, the Moto G, the Moto E, and the second generation Moto X and Moto G, but Google also acquired Motorola's patents, which was the driving force behind the purchase. Google wasn't able to keep all of Motorola's patents when they sold to Lenovo last year, but they kept most of them.

In 2013 Google acquired Waze, a popular mobile app centered around turn by turn navigation and community created directions content. Waze is more than just a GPS navigation app though, it's also got a social community built around it, which Google was not about to pass up as they could easily find ways to tie Waze into their other services. Google bought Waze for $966 million which was their 5th largest acquisition. In 2014 Google bought up three companies that made it onto this list of the most expensive acquisitions. SkyBox imaging for $500 million and Google's 10th most expensive company purchase, Dropcam for $555 million coming in at number 9, and of course, NestLabs for $3.2 billion coming in at number 2 of their most expensive acquisitions. Dropcam is a company focused on bringing more security to the home owner with WiFi connected surveillance cameras, and SkyBox imaging is being used to update and enhance Google's imagery within Google Maps. Last but not least is NestLabs, which gives home owners a way to make their homes a little smarter thanks to the smart thermostats and smoke detectors that they offer. Check out the info-graphic below for a little more information on Google, like two more companies Google is being rumored to have interest in purchasing and a couple of interesting Google facts.

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