T-Mobile's New Ad For Data Stash Calls Other Carriers "Vultures"

Most people probably don't love every single thing about their wireless carrier of choice. Which is perfectly fine as no one carrier really has everything right. There are things to love about most carriers, then there are things that are hard to love. Like high prices, or snatching away unused data which T-Mobile focuses on in this new TV ad spot for their recently announced Data Stash feature. The thing to remember here is that although Data Stash sounds awesome in theory, it all really depends on how you use your data. If you're saving lots of data at the end of every month, you aren't using a ton and therefore, may not end up ever needing whatever ends up in your bucket from Data Stash. If you're saving a little bit one month but then run out the next, your previous month's unused data will come in handy.

Whether or not you're completely happy with how your carrier issues data packages and allows you access, T-Mobile makes a case against other carriers being greedy with the data that you pay for each month only to have it taken away from you. In their latest ad spot T-Mobile refers to other carriers as vultures who hover around just waiting till the end of the month until they can snatch up any unused data.

Whether you buy into the whole Data Stash offering or not, you might find this ad rather funny which is what I personally love about some of T-Mobile's commercials. They intend to deliver a message as to why you should choose T-Mobile over other carriers but they do so with a helping of comedy as things don't always have to be serious. As of now T-Mobile is the only carrier that allows you to continue accruing your unused data for a significant amount of time before it drops off. AT&T offers a roll over data package as well, but you can only roll over unused data for a 30-day period before it disappears again. Give the ad a watch and have a laugh, then go about your end of the work week with a smile on your face.

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