T-Mobile Crashes Super Bowl Party With Creative Marketing


T-mobile is set to shake things up during the big game on Sunday. According to the companies recent, "Issues and Insights blog," (Source link below) they have a lot planned this year in an effort to take on AT&T and Verizon and their huge advertising budget. With ideas that fresh, different, and smart; T-Mobile is set to rock the Super Bowl in true "Un-Carrier" style. Here is a look at what they have on tap for the big game this Sunday.

Firstly, T-Mobile will be airing their Kim Kardashian West commercial. The commercial already has over 8 million views on You-Tube. T-Mobile is banking on Kim's massive social media presence to educate the consumer about their new Data Stash plan. During the commercial viewers will be able to take a peek at what is in Kim's Exclusive Stash. If you sign in with Twitter, you will get access to Kim's Secret Stash, with even more exclusive content and personalized Kim selfies. Twitter and T-Mobile will be partnering in this event to provide viewers with all the Kim they could want.


If Kim Kardashian is not something you will be looking forward to this Sunday, T-Mobile has you covered there too. They tapped two of the best comedians around to make, yes make, a commercial. T-Mobile went to comedians Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler to make a commercial. They essentially gave them an idea and let the two of them run with it, a risky idea given the cost of producing a commercial during Super Bowl.  According to T-Mobile, the commercial is, "uniquely Chelsea and Sarah – and very T-Mobile." With the addition of this commercial, T-Mobile is set to bring sexy and funny to your Super Bowel commercial viewing pleasure.

But T-Mobile is not stopping there. They plan to bring online viewers something new and funny as well. After NBC had decided to let anyone view the game their NBC live stream of the Super Bowel, T-Mobile went to work creating what they believe to be the first exclusive ad produced for live streaming during the game. The ad will feature a vulture and comedian Rob Riggle, and will promote their new data stash plan and a very explosive way.

T-Mobile will also increase its presence at and around the game, which will be held in Phoneix, Arizona. They have partnered with NFL cornerback Richard Sherman to provide fans of the game a free ride compliments of three giant magenta shuttle buses. These buses are bright and loud and feature a large image of Sherman along with T-Mobile's colors and branding. The free ride will no doubt serve as a great advertising platform for T-Mobile.


The "Un-carrier" has already been holding a contest this week in Phoenix called "T-Mobile Data Stash Dashes." These dashes are hidden prizes located in various  places in the area. Fans can go to Twitter to see the clues and try to find items based on the clues that have been Tweeted. There is one being held in Glendale on Saturday, so if you live close to that area, you might want to take a look to see what the contest is about.

 Lastly, according to T-Mobile, it is all about staying real and honest with their customers. They want to change a broken industry and they are committed to making the customer first, and having fun doing it. It is good to see T-Mobile present interesting and fun ways to appeal to consumers and get their brand messaging in the media in creative ways. But will this be enough to compete with the two huge telecom spenders AT&T and Verizon? We can only watch and see if the underdog has enough spirit and innovation to dethrone the two kings of mobile carriers in the U.S.

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