Spotify Suggests They "May" Still Support Chromecast Even Without Supporting Google Cast for Audio

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So you want to stream your Spotify tunes and playlists to your Chromecast or Google Cast for audio speaker, because, why not it just makes sense and it’s easy. And if we’re talking about Chromecast, it’s a significantly cheaper option than buying into something like Sonos (although great speakers products) that costs hundreds of dollars if not thousands for a wireless home speaker setup. The bad news is that Spotify has already stated they aren’t supporting Google Cast for audio. Support for the Chromecast though is a feature that many users have been asking about for a long time, and to this day there is still no clear explanation on if or when Spotify may add it to the feature list.

In this thread on the Spotify support forums though it appears that Spotify is trying to clarify their position on the support of Chromecast so that users (customers) may be enlightened on if they’ll ever have the capability to stream music to it. Without going into the details of comments and specifics of Spotify’s response (of the single one we personally read) Chromecast support will likely never be coming to Spotify. Why do I say this? It’s simple. The Chromecast doesn’t use its own casting technology. It runs off of the Google Cast API which allows the talking back and forth between devices on the same local WiFi network so that users can stream content. Although it’s fairly obvious given the name, Google Cast for audio also works off of this technology, which, Spotify has confirmed they will not be supporting.

Now, to our knowledge Spotify never stated they wouldn’t be supporting the Google Cast technology itself, just the Google Cast for audio speakers, which from a business standpoint makes a little bit of sense given they have a partnership with Sonos, another wireless streaming speaker system which is similar enough to Google Cast for audio. Common sense though points to the possibility that Spotify has no real plans to support Chromecast or any other Google Cast device, yet in the forum threads they make an attempt to “explain” their stance on the matter.

A Spotify employee and Community Manager (Rorey) on this particular thread (which mind you, was created by a community member back in July of 2013) responded yesterday by stating “Our recent statement around Google Cast for audio should not be confused with our position on the Chromecast device. Our goal has always been to bring listeners the right music for every moment, making it easily accessible whenever and wherever they might be. This means that in order to keep improving Spotify, we’re continuously exploring new and better ways of listening, which may include Chromecast as well as other platforms and devices.” So the way we see it, Spotify either doesn’t really understand the Google Cast technology and how it works or they have plans to support the Chromecast as it is technically a little different than the Google Cast for audio speakers and doesn’t directly compete with Sonos, or they’re dangling the hope of support for the HDMI streaming dongle in front of users with no actual plans to support it in hopes of keeping angry  customers at bay. Your thoughts? Perhaps time to switch over to Play Music All Access?