Spotify Confirm No Google Cast Support And Instead Will Focus On Spotify Connect


One of the real popular tech products of 2014 was Google's Chromecast. This device moved leaps and bounds over the last year and has now become one of the most widely used streaming devices. As such, it was less of a surprise when Google announced that they were planning on expanding the technology to other areas. Enter 'Google Cast'. For those that missed the announcement of Google Cast, this is essentially the next step in Chromecast's evolution and allows for casting of data and media to a wider host of other devices. For insurance, as part of the overall Google Cast, Google announced the launch of 'Google Cast for Android TV', which as the name suggests offers casting to/from Android TV powered TV's and set-top boxes. Likewise, Google announced 'Google Cast for audio'. This one again is rather self-explanatory, offering the ability to cast audio from devices directly to many speakers and soundbars.

Well, as you would expect, with Google announcing a new technology, a lot of companies were quick to jump onboard and immediately announce their support. In terms of Google Cast for Audio, announced support for the platform has already come from the likes of Pandora, Songza, tunein, rdio and iHeartRadio, to name a few. Likewise, speaker companies have also been quick to announce their support with the likes of Denon, LG and Sony all being confirmed as manufacturers who will release 'Google Cast Ready' speakers in the future. That said, it seems not everyone is willing to fall in line behind Google and their Cast for audio. In fact, probably the biggest music streaming company of them all, Spotify have made their intentions absolutely clear.


It seems Spotify will not be supporting Google Cast. Although, this might seem an unexpected move by Spotify, in reality it does make (some) sense. Instead of porting their services over to Google Cast, Spotify intends to continue to progress their own casting service, Spotify Connect. According to Spotify "We launched Spotify Connect because we believe that by owning the technology end-to-end, we can deliver the best connected home music experience". This is not just a move by Spotify to show independence, but instead a move which highlights certain abilities that Connect has over Google Cast, like the ability to stream music without the need for a mobile or tablet to be involved in the equation. Again, according to Spotify "Several of these partners, including Grammophon and Philips, are already building devices which remove the mobile/tablet from the experience altogether". So what do you think? Are Spotify right to denounce their interest in Google Cast to focus on their own system and services? Let us know.

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