Sports Apps for Android Users


Whenever we check our news, it is usually done these days through the medium of the mobile. The newspaper is slowly becoming obsolete when it comes to sports news. We live in an age where we need everything at our fingertips, and that has never been more prevalent than when it comes to our sports.

It is of little surprise that some of the most popular Android downloads are sport related, but as sports applications and their popularity continue to surge there are more and more shoddy sporting apps entering the market to try and take a slice of this lucrative pie.


Now competition is great, but having a poor product can really detract from your overall experience. So we have tried to shift through the sporting proverbial and come up with a short list of the best sporting applications for every Android user.

Sky Sports

Nobody does sport better than Sky. The only sports coverage that is comparable is the NFL, but at times that just feels like having technology for the sake of having technology.

Thierry Henry    by  Drew Dies  Caption: Sky Sports' latest addition to their roster of ex-footballer analysts, Thierry Henry

In keeping with its excellent sports coverage, Sky Sports is simply a fantastic app. Here you can check all the scores of various sports and numerous leagues in a matter of seconds. You will also be able to see the latest news and the channels latest interviews and features.

For British sports especially, you cannot do better than Sky. They leave no stone unturned and make your experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

Betting apps


Now there are numerous betting apps. Fundamentally, they offer the same thing, but, at the same time, they differentiate drastically. There are those that have better in-play markets than the rest (Betfair, Bet365), not to mention those that allow punters to cash out – a fairly new feature that allows clients to cash their bet out regardless of how long is left to play in the event they have wagered on – and you also have those which offer you the best bonuses (Betfair ,Paddy Power).

Betting applications don't just allow you to maximise your sports experience – having money on a game increases the excitement tenfold – but they also serve as a quick stop gap for sporting results and fixtures.

Some also offer a betting news service which is very helpful should you be on the hunt for some early predictions for this year's Grand National, amongst other momentous sporting events.


In all honesty it really is down to personal preference. Go with the best welcome bonus.

Bleacher Report Team Stream

While Sky Sports may be the best for those with an attention firmly focused towards Britain, if you are more of a universal sports fan then Bleacher Report's Team Stream is fantastic.


Once you have downloaded the app you enter your favourite teams and sports. For example: Liverpool (football), LA Clippers (basketball), LA Kings (ice hockey), San Diego Chargers (American Football) and Lewis Hamilton (F1).

LA Clippers   by  Keith Allison 

With your teams and sports selected the app simply aggregates the world news regarding your clubs and sends it to you.If you are that sport mad that you need more news than you really know what to do with, Team Stream is for you.

FUT 15


In 2013, EA's Fifa and Madden franchises accounted for 67% of total sport game sales. That figure is ridiculous, but understable.

Fifa, especially, is a superb game. Playing it on Xbox One is certainly a pleasure, and it is now a pleasure that you can also enjoy it on your Android phone.

Ultimate Team is the most popular online mode of the game; the amount of viewers that watch people play on YouTube really highlights the games popularity. And now it is available to play on your phone.


Most football fans should already have this installed on their phone. Whether or not you fancy a quick five minute match or a two hour session, FUT 15 will be able to satisfy.