Sponsored App Review: Wallpapers HD / QHD


Wallpapers HD / QHD is an Android app that aims to offer users some of the most stunning photographs they've ever seen to be use as their wallpapers on their Android smartphone or tablet. It is in itself a collection of exclusive photos from photographer Nickolay Farionov, rather than a selection of photos from all over the web like many other apps. These images have been created with one goal in mind; to look beautiful and show the world in all its glory. With many different categories on offer as well as an application that allows you to adjust your aspect ratio as well as adjust the preview quality when looking for quality images to use as your wallpaper. For an app that takes a different route when it comes to wallpapers, does Wallpapers HD / QHD have what it takes? Read on to find out.

You just need to download the app from the Play Store, and then you'll be introduced into what the app has to offer.


2015-01-26 19.35.17

It's a nice touch to be introduced to the app like this, but the real fun is where you get to take a look at the images. You'll be shown a selection of everything at first, and right away you can tell that these have been put together with a high-end camera and taken by someone that knows what they're doing.

2015-01-26 19.36.04


You can easily sort through the images and choose from different categories as well thanks to the menu on the right-hand side, too.

2015-01-26 19.36.21

I'm looking for a nice city scene to use as my wallpaper, so I'm going to go ahead ad set this one of London as my wallpaper.


2015-01-30 18.47.17


You can choose to download the image for later, set it as your wallpaper or favorite it for later. Favoriting wallpapers in Wallpapers HD / QHD is nice and easy and there are some decent controls to let you keep on top of them.


2015-01-30 18.47.39




You can change the aspect ratio on your device to whatever you like, and I was happy to see that the 4:3 ratio of my Nexus 9 was automatically recognized. Here's how the end result looks on my homescreen:

2015-01-30 18.47.57



I'm a closet photgrapher myself, in that I enjoy taking photos, but I don't necessarily enjoy sharing them. In the case of Nickolay Farionov, I'm glad he decided to share his excellent photos as they do look great, and the resolution speaks for more than just pixels. These are photos that will look great on any Android smartphone or tablet. There's a good amount to choose from as well, but I would have liked some more variation within the categories themselves. For instance, more varied photos of Autumn would have been nice to see, but I understand that these are the work of just one photographer. All-in-all, I was very impressed with the amount of photos and the overall quality. This is more than just pixels here, the Quad HD resolution that many of these come in is nice and all, but the colors and composition of these images are what will really appeal to the majority of users. Those – like myself – that prefer photographs as wallpaper on their devices will no doubt be able to find something they like here.


  • Speed (4/5) – Wallpapers HD / QHD runs nice and smoothly, and I certainly had no issues with loading images.
  • Theme (5/5) – Without doubt, these are some sharp-looking wallpapers and the super high-resolution makes them easy to apply to whichever tablet or smartphone you want to use them with.
  • Features (4/5) – A break from the norm, this collection of photographs from one person is nice to see and the app itself works pretty well with little hassle or anything like that.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid wallpaper app, and a nice change from the past, Wallpapers HD / QHD has a lot to offer and is well worth giving a go if you're in need of something fresh.


  • Quad HD resolution make these images that you can use on even the most high-resolution Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Well featured Android app makes it easy to apply wallpapers as well as favorite the pictures you like the most.
  • Nice to see an app that focuses on one body of work rather than a bit of everything from all over the internet, curation is key here and the app unlocks some stunning wallpapers as a result.
  • Categories are varied and should have something for everyone inside them.


  • More variety of images within the different categories would be nice to see.
  • While high-resolution, you need to pay for a license to use HD and a little extra for QHD.

There's a lot on offer from Wallpapers HD / QHD, and thanks to the wonderful photos from Nickolay Farionov, everything looks really nice. As of right now though, the app is more potential than it is anything else. There are some stunning photos in here that make excellent wallpapers, there's no denying that, but there needs to be more of them in here, especially when it comes to the different categories on offer by the app.