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Vibify is yet another Android app that tries once again to revamp how we approach notifications on our devices. However, unlike other apps, Vibify doesn't want to throw out the kitchen sink just because it's the trendy thing to do. Instead, Vibify leaves your already existing notification method as it is and adds a very neat and nifty feature to all of that. Vibify gets its name from vibrations, and how Vibify uses them is to gently remind you that you have important notifications waiting for you by vibrating the next time you pick it up. The scenario where Vibify becomes useful is this; you're out to dinner and you've put your phone on your table (face done, of course) to focus on your company and show you're not using your phone. You go to the bathroom and pick up your phone, if it vibrates then you have important notifications to deal with, if not, you can just continue your evening. It's a refreshingly laid back approach to notifications that I think a lot of people will appreciate.

There are two versions of Vibify, a free version as well as a paid version. Both are available from Google Play. When you launch the app, it'll throw you straight into the setup.


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It's pretty simple really, you just need to give Vibify notification access.


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Then, you need to select apps that you want to be notified of when you next pick up your phone. Sadly, this list was far from comprehensive for me, but you can change this later on.


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From there you can tweak certain settings that affect the overall experience. Like whether or not you want the screen to come on and configuring quiet hours for Vibify to not be active.


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You're given the chance to test out your settings at the end of the quick setup, and right away I can tell you that it worked as advertised and it was very subtle.


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When you're in the main app, you can add more apps to the list of those supported and tweak whatever settings you like.


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Vibify is a very useful app that can be of great help when you don't want to be disturbed apart from the really important notifications and for those that prefer to leave their phone on silent all the time (like my girlfriend) then this can help you remember to check if people are trying to get hold of you. It's simple to change the apps that respond to Vibify and the vibration is really quite subtle. It's sort of like a little tap on the shoulder that says "Hey, you have something you should check". It's very laid back in approach and it's something I'm sure a lot of people that want to keep off of their phones more, but not miss important notifications will really appreciate. It's also a great way of filtering through the noise, too. It only works for apps that you define which is excellent for missed calls and text messages, which are the two ways my family try and contact me.



  • Speed (4/5) – App runs nice and quickly with a simple setup procedure and no lag when picking up the phone to feel the vibration.
  • Features (4/5) – Vibify is a nifty little app and one that's simple and to the point. It's going to be a lot of use for a lot of users.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app looks fine and the darker theme definitely blends in better with later versions of Android.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid, nifty little app that doesn't try to do much and just capitalizes on a really good idea that's genuinely quite handy.


  • Setup is super simple and guides people through things step by step.
  • Vibration is nice and subtle, it reminds you to check your phone but it's nothing like a normal vibration where you feel compelled to look immediately.
  • You control the list of apps that set off the trigger entirely, making it flexible to how you like it, rather than the other way round.
  • No hoops to jump through or anything like that, it just works.


  • Does feel a little basic, but for some that will be refreshing.
  • Initial app list should include all apps as selection is not as broad as I'd like.

Vibify is one of those small little apps that a lot of people will use and after a week or so wonder how they did without it. It's a nifty little app and even for someone like me who wears a smartwatch, this has its benefits. It's just a nifty app that's very subtle and something I feel should be included in Android by default. So many people put their phones into silent, but still keep checking every five or ten minutes, with Vibify they can just lift the phone to see if anything important has happened, allowing them to get about their day or evening as normal.


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