Sponsored App Review: ETheme Launcher


ETheme Launcher is a fresh launcher for Android smartphones that aims to offer all of the features that many have come to expect from aftermarket launchers without the bloat or the hassle to customize things to your liking. At just 2MB or so when installed on your device, ETheme Launcher is certainly a light launcher. It's packed with lots of themes and fonts that you can mix and match quickly and easily from within the launcher to change things around and there's no need to painstakingly put together all your folders when you're setting up the launcher as ETheme does much of this work for you. With over 2,000 free themes and fonts to choose from, a lockscreen, widgets and even a quick speed boost option, ETheme Launcher has a lot on offer. Let's take a look and see just how good it is.

You'll need to download the app from the Play Store to get started, and once you've done that, you'll be greeted with the landing page of sorts.


2015-01-29 16.08.21

This is a nice main page of your launcher, which has some quick shortcuts to things like your dialer app and the camera app. Sliding to the right however, will reveal a fairly standard launcher layout ready and waiting to be customized.

2015-01-29 16.08.41


One thing that I'm sure many users will appreciate is that there most definitely is an app drawer here, unlike some other apps. The theme you apply to your launcher is also applied here and refreshingly, this part of ETheme Launcher is nice and simple and just lists apps alphabetically.

2015-01-29 16.08.30

Adding widgets and such to your launcher is as easy as hitting the menu button and then selecting the option you wanted from the popup menu. I liked this use of a menu, but the menu button itself is a relic of Android and it's very rare that apps use it these days.


2015-01-29 16.11.35

Thankfully, choosing from themes is really easy and there are a lot of them to choose from, too.

2015-01-29 16.09.16


To go with all of these themes there's also a vast array of fonts to choose from, too. This is something that you don't often see in launchers like this, at least not as easy as this, anyway.

2015-01-29 16.10.12

There are a few other features to ETheme launcher besides those usual that are expected to be included, like for instance a sleek and speedy lockscreen:


2015-01-29 16.55.48

The offerings here are really quite comprehensive, and this is certainly a lightweight launcher, it all ran nice and smoothly on my test devices, with no issues to be had during general testing.

After some time with ETheme Launcher, I was fairly impressed. I didn't feel like there was too much out of the ordinary here apart from the fonts and how quick and easy everything is to get to, but that's sort of the point. ETheme is not a launcher that tries to reinvent the wheel, rather it's a launcher that tries to be as light and speedy as possible, and it succeeds there nice and easily. ETheme Launcher is both quick and lightweight, there's a lot of features on offer, but I didn't feel like they were just thrown in for the sake of it, as I have felt with other launchers like this. The themes are all pretty nice and come with icons as well as wallpapers and if you'd like you can use the available fonts to dress things up even further. It's a nice change of pace from normal and there's no need to spend ages trying to figure out how each feature works as everything is nice and straightforward.



  • Speed (5/5) – This is easily one of the fastest launchers that I've ever used, especially one that has so many features included. With a file size of just 2MB or so, it's not hard to see why it's so quick.
  • Features (4/5) – There's the usual gamut of features available in ETheme, with themes and fonts coming along to spruce things up. If you're looking for a launcher with the usual third-party options that won't slow things down, then this is one to think about.
  • Theme (4/5) – Out of the box, ETheme isn't much to look at, but there are so many themes and fonts available that it's super-easy to change things to how you like them.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid, and dependable launcher replacement for Android that adds a whole lot of features without slowing things down or feeling bloated.


  • Near 2MB install file makes this a quick download and something that takes up next to no space on your device.
  • 2,000+ themes and fonts make it easy to customize to your liking, with no need to pay for anything extra.
  • App drawer is intact, a nice feature for those that are wary of Asian-developed launchers.
  • No need to jump through hoops to change things or customize things; it's all straightforward and obvious.


  • Lockscreen feels like an iOS clone, sadly.
  • Use of menu button is an old way of doing things on Android, and a lot of users will be caught out by it.

While many other launchers might offer even more features than there are in ETheme, there's no reason why you shouldn't give this a go, especially if you're looking for something a little lighter than most launchers out there. All-in-all, this is a simple, yet fully featured launcher that will definitely make it easier for users looking to try something new without jumping through hoops.