Source Reveals Further Design Details Of The HTC One (M9) Suggesting Earlier Images Might Be True

HTC Logo HD AH 7

This morning, images were leaked showing what we believe to be the HTC One (M9). Now a trusted source is saying it has information on the phone’s design.

The HTC One (M9) is purportedly thicker than the One (M8), which may or may not have some critics raving. While its predecessor, the One (M8), carried a DuoCamera depth sensor, the latest incarnation of the phone seems to have lost that touch and sports only a single sensor. On the other hand, it’s possible the sensor is somehow hidden, or that this is a test model of the phone that does not carry precisely the hardware of the final product. Once the product is fully developed, we may see a change.

The HTC One (M9) seems to have changed up the hardware button configuration from the previous standard. Instead of a power button located at the top of the phone, it has now moved just below the volume control. The volume buttons themselves seem to have evolved from a volume rocker button to two individual buttons. Perhaps this placement will result in an easier experience for users.

Simply going by appearance, it’s easy to see that the design itself has changed very little from the One (M8), or the One (M7) for that matter. While other carriers like Samsung have chosen a cheap plastic design for their flagship phones, HTC has prided itself on a more durable metal chassis. Considering this, it is not surprising that they would choose to remain with the previous iterations’ highly acclaimed design.

In 2014, HTC flagship phone, the HTC One (M8), ended the year with many awards. It was praised for its sturdy yet beautiful design, and considerable hardware specs. Its design was similar to the M7, but its hardware was more advanced. It also added the DuoCamera feature, a second camera on the back that added a depth of field effect to its images. Like the M7, it improved on HTC software features such as Zoe, Boom Sound, and Blink Feed, as well as including new features like gesture controls and Extreme Power Saving Mode.

Exact specifications for the HTC One (M9) have not yet been released, but as always we are expecting steady advancements in performance, camera, and experience, as well as a surprise or two.