Some Sony Xperia Z3 Owners Complaining of Fragile Screens and Glass Back

T mobile Xperia Z3 AH 26

Over the years Sony’s brand has be defined by quality, both in build and user experience.  This lends itself to essentially every industry Sony gets itself into, from gaming to mobile and everything inbetween.  Since the launch of the Xperia Z series and the rebranding that the Xperia lineup went through in the process, Sony’s Xperia lineup of phones has featured a glass back in addition to the traditional glass face of smartphones.  While this makes the device very pretty it also presents a problem: hit it too hard or just right and that glass is going to break.

We’ve seen this problem with anything else made from glass, whether it be a car windshield getting hit by a pebble and shatterinig or something else just as seemingly ridiculous, glass isn’t exactly the best material for resiliency.  The original Xperia Z was thus known for getting its glass cracked easily, and over the years Sony has improved the build quality of each and every Xperia handset up to the most recent Xperia Z3, which features more rounded edges made of material that’s supposed to accept crashes a little better than the previous generation.  Unfortunately some users are now reporting that there may be a defect in Sony’s design, as claims are being made that screens are cracking for no good reason.

Following the trail of breadcrumbs left around the Internet we find a little survery on the XDA Developers Forum consisting of owners of the Xperia Z3.  Of the 1369 respondants of the survey 376 are reporting that the screen or the back have cracked with no apparent reason attached to it, such as dropping the phone or placing it in a tight pocket.  While this is nearly impossible to prove large numbers of people complaining about a similar problem could definitely help the community at large, and could help provide an answer to frustrated owners of a rather expensive device.

Among the many different forums and outlets on the Internet for such a thing a Facebook page has been made to help users with Xperia phones cracking.  Contacting Sony is likely the best route for the time being but make sure to sound off if you’ve had this problem with your Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact.  Some users are even reporting this happening within a day or two of owning the device, so commenting about anything from cold weather to a number of other factors could help root out the real issue here.