Sony Goes All In with Android TV – All 2015 Bravia TV's to run Android TV

Sony Android TV Ah 4

CES has kinda been all about Android TV today. We saw Sharp and Philips announce that their TV's will be running on Android TV, and to cap off the day Sony will also have all of their Bravia TV's in 2015 with Android TV. So not only will you have an amazing Bravia TV – possibly with 4K resolution depending on the model you buy – but you'll also have Android TV. Sure Android TV is still pretty new, but it's going to be maturing soon, and it's already far ahead of Google TV. Google TV never really made it into TV's like this, at least not this many. I reviewed the first Android TV device, the Nexus Player, last fall. It was a pretty decent set-top box, but it was clear that Android TV was pretty new and had some issues. It'll be interesting to see how these Bravia TV's work when they are released later this year.

It's really great to see Android TV have such a huge presence at CES this year. It's actually pretty surprising as well. Sony has always made some great TV's and they are going to be even better with Android TV inside. Sony said that Google Play games and apps will be fully compatible with their Bravia TV, so we finally have one platform for everyone. Which is amazing, and definitely a long time coming.


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How many of you are excited about seeing Bravia TV's with Android TV inside? Let us know in the comments down below.