Snapchat Acquired Epiphany Eyewear, A Smart Eyewear Company, For $15 Million

Epiphany Eyewear

You’ve all probably heard of Snapchat thus far, this self-destructing picture sending service had become extremely popular last year, especially as far as kids are concerned. The premise is simple, you can send images to various other users without risking any sort of exposure on the internet because those pictures are destroyed soon after, at least that’s what the company claims, Snapchat already had its security issues in the past, but who hasn’t. Anyhow, this company just did something rather interesting.

Snapchat has acquired Epiphany Eyewear, a company which is known for producing fashion forward eyewear equipment embedded with HD video cameras. This actually reminds me a lot of Facebook and Oculus to be honest, although it’s not exactly the same. Oculus develops virtual reality equipment and are out of Epiphany Eyewear’s league, besides, Snapchat acquired this company for “only” $15 million, which is far less than what Facebook paid for Oculus. So, Snapchat is used mostly by kids to send all kinds of pictures to their contacts, and now Snapchat bought a company which would let those kids film stuff in secret via Eyewear tech, erm, that really doesn’t sound good to me. I have no idea what is Snapchat planning to do with this company though, I’m just guessing, we’ll see.

I doubt many of you have heard of Epiphany or their products, but they’re available via company’s official website. Those glasses are available in 8, 16 and 32GB of on-board storage and their pricing starts at $299. Alright, that’s it as far as news go, now, let’s hear what you have to say about all this. First of all, have you ever used Snapchat and what do you think of the service? What do you think Snapchat plans to do with this company, will they somehow connect their service with this company’s hardware, or do they plan to do something else with it? I do believe Snapchat has some sort of plan in mind, something specific that will connect their service with Epiphany’s hardware, but I’m just guessing of course. Anyhow, let us know what you think via social media, we’d love to hear from you.