SlickWraps Release Their Bamboo And Leather Wraps For Google's Nexus 6


Google's Nexus 6 was one of the powerhouse devices of 2014. Even though, we are technically in 2015 now, it is still by a clear margin one of the devices to have. Boasting a whole host of the biggest and best specs on offer, there is simply few phones out here (right now) that are better. That said, it is not exactly the prettiest of phones available. When you think of the likes of Motorola, OnePlus and Huawei, these companies have been putting customization and making your device look individual at the forefront of their selling campaigns. In contrast, the Nexus 6 is Google and as well as coming with stock android it seems to come with a stock look.

That said, that does not have to be the case. Just because Google (and in this case Motorola) are not offering you any options for customization beyond the stock Midnight Blue and Cloud White, does not mean there are not options. Enter SlickWraps. The company known for providing invaluable customization solution options to a whole string of devices has now turned their hand to the Nexus 6.


For those interested, SlickWraps today launched their Nexus 6 'Naturals' range of skins for the Nexus 6. The range includes wraps in four different options consisting of Dark brown, Distressed Tan Leather, Football Leather (I guess that's NFL Football) and Real Bamboo. All the skins are effectively stickers which can be slapped onto your Nexus 6 and will give it a bit more of a unique and customized look. The skins are all noted as in stock, available to buy now and are noted as shipping between Jan 26th and Jan 29th. If you do fancy getting one then they will set you back $24. That might sound like a bit of a high price for what is effectively a sticker, but it is worth remembering that these are made from authentic Horween Leather and real Bamboo. As such, you will get the feel as well as the pleasing look. So do you own a Nexus 6? Fancy giving one of these a try? Hit up the source link below and let us know how you get on.

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