Skylink's Upcoming Wireless Power Hub Is An Intelligent Power Strip For Home Automation

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If you’ve never heard of Skylink before, they’re a company that specializes in DIY smart home solutions, and today they have just announced their latest product called the Wireless Power Hub. This device is an intelligent powerstrip which aims to give you ultimate control over your home appliances like TVs, and other small appliances, as well as turn off standby power through the use of a remote control. The Wireless Power Hub can be used to control lighting too, and we all know how we hate to get up and turn off the lights. If you’ve already left the home but have forgotten to turn them off before you left, instead of turning back around you could be turning the lights off remotely using the Wireless Power Hub in conjunction with the SkylinkNet application.

Like most or all home automation products to help give you a smarter home, a main draw with the Wireless Power Hub is to help you save energy and in turn save money on power costs. In addition to allowing you to remotely control lighting, if you use your TV or your computer as a media control center for music and movies, the Wireless Power Hub can help you control that remotely too.

The Wireless Power Hub comes with multiple outlets sockets so you can use it for more than a few appliances simultaneously, three of them having the remote technology built into them and the other two are normal sockets which are always on. What makes this even more useful, is that the Wireless Power Hub has 2 USB ports on it so you can charge your devices right from the hub instead of having to use the wall adapter. The kit for the hub comes with a 7-button remote, but you can also use a Motion Sensor, wireless wall switch, or an LCD remote with scheduled timing to control the devices plugged into the power strip. The SkylinkNet app that can be found on the Play Store is also a way to control the compatible devices you have plugged into the Wireless Power Hub while you’re away from home. The design of the Wireless Power Hub is also accommodating so that consumers can use all sockets and outlets even if the adapters to your appliances are large. No more having to forfeit a socket. The Wireless Power Hub is set at a decent price too, costing $59.99. This device isn’t available until May of this year, but when it does launch you’ll be able to get it directly from Skylink’s online store, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on Amazon.