Skeledroid Joins The Series 5 Collectible Set As Shipments Begin Arriving At Warehouses

We've been showing you all the new Android Collectibles as the Meet The Androids series 5 previews have been steadily showing up on Dead Zebra's website, and we have the latest one to appear, showing up as series 5 preview part 7, and the 8th total Android collectible for this series thus far. It's called Skeledroid and was designed by an artist named Scott Tolleson. Skeledroid joins other collectibles from this series which includes Sk8 Cop, Panda, Hello World, Totem, Ice In My Belly, Sturnbrau, and Chrome designed by the one and only Google Inc. You'll be able to grab your very own pieces in this collectible set for about $10 when they arrive in stores and Dead Zebra's own online shop, but remember they're blind box, so you'll have no idea what you're getting.

Of course you can always buy a case and almost ensure your chances of getting every single piece in the series, that will cost you a bit more though as there are 16 figurines included in a case. The good news is that if you can hardly wait to get your hands on these little figures you won't have to wait much longer, as Andrew Bell, the man behind the collectible figures has announced that the figurines are starting to arrive at their respective destination warehouses.

As shipments start to arrive at online shops and real world retail locations, sales of series o5 is likely to hit in early to mid February. Dead Zebra also states that their own shipment which will be available via their online store is scheduled to arrive next week, so if you're interested in picking up some of or all of the series 5 collectibles, be sure to head over to the Dead Zebra blog sometime next week to check on release times. It would also be a good idea to follow Andrew Bell on Google+ as he'll likely post any updates regarding series 5 there. What do you think of series 5 so far? Do you currently own any Android collectibles from any of the previous sets or will you be starting your Android collectible family with this series?

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