SF Launcher 2 gets Released with Material Fresh Code, and Google Now-ness Galore

Everyone loves a good launcher, right?  I personally have found my allegiances lie with Teslacoil Software's Nova Launcher as well as Pierre Hebert's Light Launcher eXtreme.  but I think with the latest iteration of Jack Thakar's SF Launcher, reasonably named SF Launcher 2, I might have a third and you might soon as well.  This app is literally hot off the presses of the dev's keyboard, having been available for under three hours.  Let's take a look at this new launcher.

If some of you follow the developer Chris Lacy, who published apps like Link Bubble and Action Launcher(s) 1, 2, and 3, you'll recall how the new Lollipop-optimized and Material reDesigned Action Launcher 3 was a complete rewrite and thus is its own app entry in the Play Store; the same is true of Thakar's SF Launcher 2.  The latest iteration is a complete code cleanup, making sure to start fresh with Material Design abound in this launcher, and it is definitely there.  What's also there, it should be noted, is the likelihood of bugs, crashes, and other things-gone-awry while using the new launcher.  We've got a gallery of some of the things you'll see, including a great tutorial card at the top to give you the rundown of how to use the rather unique launcher.

If you've used the original SF Launcher, then this will all seem friendly and common-sense to you.  For those like myself that haven't, here's the basic idea: it works like Google Now, with a scrollable list of cards that you pick, with settings for each card being a swipe-from-left-edge away.  Adding apps from the left-aligned app drawer works just like any other launcher, allowing you to make 'cards of apps'.  the idea behind the launcher is great, but the implementation is gorgeous.

There are Material elements everywhere, including, if you buy or already own the Pro version of SF Launcher, a color picker based out of Material, for the cards' backgrounds, as well as the ability to make your own custom color swatches (sets of colors grouped like families).  The app also is a complete rewrite and redesign of the original, according to Thakar.  If you know and love Thakar's work, go ahead and consider this an instant download.  If you like the sound and look of a Google Now-esque launcher with Material galore, then check out the free version, and if it's the kind of thing you like, go ahead and get pro to unlock the color customization features which you might not really need.

This app will likely hit it as big as the original Sf Launcher, with its hundred-thousand downloads and 4.2-star rating.  Is a vertical-scrolling launcher what you need to change up your Android experience?  Or is there some kind of launcher that somehow hasn't been done that would be perfect?  What do you think of the refreshed, redone, and reDesigned SF Launcher 2?  Let us know down below.

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