Searching For Movies Through Google Search Has Been Updated Making It Far More Attractive


If you are into your movies then there is nothing better than finding a good movie that you haven't seen starring your favorite actor or actress. That said, it can be hard to find movies you haven't seen sometimes. Long ago, you would have to root through your local video shop, or call someone up to try and get a recommendation…"what was that film Dean Cain did back in 94?". Well, thanks to the internet, well Google really, those days are now long gone. Searching has never been easier than now. You desperately need a Dean Cain movie to watch tonight? That's no problem. "OK Google, Show Me Dean Cain Movies". How often we have all uttered those words.

That said, next time you are searching for movies using Google Search, you will notice the results look a little bit different. A bit prettier, in fact. That is because, Google Search received an update today that adds a big massive dollop of Material Design to its movie searches. Now when you search for an actor, let's say 'Dean Cain', you will see a couple of his movies appear in poster form (like in the first image below). Underneath that, you will notice a little arrow, which once you click on it, will open all of his movies and again in poster form (second image below). You can simply scroll through the posters until you find the one you are looking for. At which point, when you finally click on one of those posters, it will take you through to the main movie page, with again a load more Material Design thrown in (link in the third image below). Not to mention, links to buy/rent the movie, trailers, cast and all the usual stuff you would expect from Google's new look.


If you want the update right now, then don't worry you might already have it. It seems the update is pushing out to Google Search directly and as such there is nothing you need to do. Just open Google Search, say your favorite actor along with "movies" and see if the update is live. If you have already received the update then make sure to let us know what you think and any good movies recommendations starring Dean Cain.

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