Saygus Reveals January 29 Pre-registration date for Their Affordable V2 Smartphone

saygus vphone2

The Saygus V2, a phone that experts thought would not see the light of day, has finally been given a pre-registration date of this Thursday, the 29th. According to sources, the phone will be selling at a very affordable price, expected to fall below the $600 mark.

The Saygus V2, pronounced “V-squared,” recently debuted at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where interested parties were able to see and test the hardware for themselves. Until now, those impressed by its design and hardware could not take action, but now that there’s a specific release date people are expected to jump on the chance.

The Saygus V2 has a feature set that is a bit unusual to see in a phone of its price offering. These include a borderless 5″ display, QI charging, and a dual microSD card setup with support for up to 256GB microSD cards. Its battery, though 3,100 mAh, purportedly gives the phone the life of a 4,600 mAh phone because of intelligent battery-saving technology built into the phone. It also has a 21-megapixel camera on the back with a fairly rare 13-megapixel camera sensor gracing the front. The phone is certified waterproof and is constructed from a combination of materials including kevlar, fiberglass, magnesium, and aluminum. The phone uniquely possesses a Biometric finger-scanner on the side. It is said to support both GSM and CDMA networks.

Last November, Saygus surprised us with the announcement that they would be making a second version of their original smartphone. Their first phone, the Saygus Vphone, was a phone that when announced in 2009 possessed an innovative set of features that were ahead of the game. However, due to a long time spent in Verizon’s Open Development Program, the phone’s release was delayed for 18 months so that by the time of its release it was only on par with the current offerings. Not so with the Saygus V2.

The pre-registration will start on Thursday and continue until 12:00 PM M.T. After that, Saygus will announce the official opening of pre-orders. Those who pre-register can expect special discounts and limited-edition accessories for the phone should they decide to put down money on the pre-order. The exact price of the phone is expected to be released in the next couple days. Do you plan to pre-order? What intrigues you about this phone? Let us know in the comments below.