Samsung Will Unveil The Galaxy S6 At MWC On March 2 According To Company's Executive

Samsung Logo AH 11

Samsung will want to forget 2014 as soon as possible, at least as far as their Mobile divison is concerned. Samsung’s profits dropped over 30% according to last November’s statistics, compared to the same period in 2013, of course. The company has decided to switch things up a bit, improve certain aspects in their business model in order to adapt to what consumers want. They started using metal as their build material, next to plastic (polycarbonate), which made their phones look and feel far more premium. Recent reports also claim that Samsung is cleaning up their TouchWiz UI and that the Galaxy S6 might look significantly different compared to its predecessor, by the looks of it, this won’t be another one of Samsung’s iterative updates.

That being said, it looks like Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6, might launch at MWC in Barcelona. Korean media has quoted Samsung’s senior official who stated that the company will unveil the Galaxy S6 at MWC in Barcelona, or to be more specific, on March 2. That’s not all though, it looks like Samsung has developed several Galaxy S6 prototype handsets and still has to decide which one of them will become the official Galaxy S6 handset. This might explain why did we see so many different designs and reports thus far, from metal unibody design and dual-edge screen all the way to glass back panel reports.

I’m sure that we’ll hear much more about the Galaxy S6 in the coming weeks, as it’s usually the case before Samsung releases their newest flagship device. What are your thoughts here, do you expect Samsung to pull the trigger at MWC in Barcelona, or is this just some sort of bait from this Korean company perhaps? I have to be honest, this strikes me as a bit odd, but hey, Samsung is changing things up, so MWC is a possibility I guess. Anyhow, let us know what you think about all this in the comments down below and also which specifications do you expect Samsung to include in their newest flagship handset.