Samsung Rumored To Be Making Theme Support A Priority On All Future Devices


We have been hearing for awhile now about the possibility that Samsung might be introducing support for Themes in its newest TouchWiz skin incarnation. This is something Samsung have been anticipated in doing for some time. As we have seen a number of other OEMs already introducing (and benefiting) from offers its users the ability to change how their devices look and act. In fact, the rumors and suggestions intensified when Samsung released their "A" range of devices, as these actually came with a version of Themes installed.

Well, the latest is that it now seems this is going to be a permanent feature in Samsung devices going forward. The folks over at Sammobile (source link below) say that they have received information that Samsung will make Theme support a priority on all Samsung devices in the future. It is also being reported that the first of these new generation Theme-supported devices will be the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to the information, the 'Theme Center' (as it is being dubbed) will be very similar to that on the A range devices but will have a few notable difference. These will include the ability to change various customizable elements of the devices like sounds, fonts and so on. It is even being suggested there will be an Events settings which would allow users to completely overhaul their device's theme to match the current holiday or event season.


To add to this, it is lastly being reported that as well as the general ability to change themes, these future Samsung devices will also come with their own Samsung Theme Store. Information on this particular aspect is currently rather limited. As a result it is not clear if (like Cyanogen for instance) third party support will be possible or whether the theme store will only offer Samsung developed themes. However, to confirm the information from the sources, Sammobile were also able to show the nifty little image shown below, which is reported to be the new icon for the Samsung Theme Store. So what do you think? Are you looking forward to a more customizable Samsung experience? Let us know.

Samsung Theme Icon

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