Samsung Reportedly Working on Kies 4 Software for its Devices


In a post-PC world, as Apple has called it for a long time now, you would think there's basically no reason to ever need to hook up your phone to your computer at all.  Google has been pushing cloud services for a while now and has significantly beefed up its repertoire of services that back up your stuff, from photos and videos on Google+ to contacts and email through Gmail, Google pretty much has your stuff covered if you need to change your phone.  Unfortunately not every app developer out there places the proper hooks in their apps to back up to Google's cloud, leaving users out in the cold in some cases and losing their precious data when they have to reset their phone or get a new one.

Samsung has had its Kies software available for PCs for some time now, and besides giving you an additional way to update your device the Kies software suite specializes in backups of all kinds for your Samsung phone or tablet.  Given that it's got hooks within TouchWiz this software only works for Samsung devices, and the interface presented has been pretty basic compared with how Android has matured over the past couple of years.  Now an insider close to SamMobile is reporting that the company isn't looking to abandon its Kies software for a cloud-based one, rather it's marching on with development of the next Kies package, version 4.


There's no word on additional features at this time, but it looks like Samsung is targeting all phones that Kies version 2 and 3 support, meaning any Samsung phone manufactured in the last couple of years will be able to interface with the new software.  Speaking of interfaces it looks like the package will get a full interface refresh to match the visual language Samsung has been pushing on its build of Lollipop for its most popular phones recently, meaning there will certainly be lots of blues and greens in addition to some slick animations.  Backing up to your desktop is still the most surefire way to keep your data intact and make sure that nothing has gone missing by surprise, remember though that this one will keep you locked into Samsung's ecosystem so long as you use it.

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