Samsung Release Their First Samsung Gear VR Video And It Is A little Strange


2014 brought with it, a number of strange units and devices. Right up there at the front of the strange-device race, was Samsung. Not only did they unveil their curved edge Samsung Galaxy Note Edge but they also unveiled their first official foray into the murky world of virtual reality (VR). Resigned to fiction for so long, Samsung thought it was about time they brought VR to the masses and did so with the launch of their Samsung Gear VR. We had heard about this product for some time, partly due to rumors and speculation and partly due to what seemed to be an ongoing issue with the performance of the device.

That said, towards the end of the year, the Gear VR did arrive. Well, now that we are firmly into 2015, Samsung look set to be taking the next push in bringing the Samsung Gear VR to its customers. Largely, through its advertising process. It is no secret, Samsung likes making videos to promote their products and why should the Gear VR be any different? After all, one of its features its immersive video. As a result, with a product like the Gear VR, you are probably expecting a very interesting and engaging video. However, that doesn't seem to be the case on this occasion.


The latest video on offer from Samsung, is far more tutorial in its nature. As the Gear VR is somewhat of a stranger device, it seems Samsung felt the need to introduce and instruct users on how to use the device. As such the video starts off strangely like a how-to video, albeit a rather futuristic looking one. From then on, the video does not really seem to show or effectively highlight what the product can do, but more so looks to sell what the 'dream of virtual reality'. Whether or not this is the right approach for a device like this is unclear. Maybe Samsung should have stuck more towards their humorous videos, which seem to go down a storm online. Either way, you can check out the video for yourself below. Let us know what you think? Hit or miss?

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