Samsung Might Be Working With VISA For Its Samsung Pay System, And With McAfee For Security

Samsung Logo 2

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is the talk of the town, despite the fact that the phone’s yet to grace the market. Speaking of which, the Galaxy S6 should come out anytime in the first or second quarter of this year; there have been numerous reports about an MWC launch but nothing’s quite certain yet. Rumours suggest that the phone would have a 5.2-5.5-inch display, with a resolution of — in true flagship spirit — 2560 x 1440p. About the choice of processors, there’s a bit of confusion prevalent; some suggest that Samsung could ditch Qualcomm for its in-house Exynos chipset, while there are analysts that swear by the Galaxy S6 having a Snapdragon 810. Whatever it is, we shall know in the coming months.

That said and done, it appears as though the Korean giant is working on something besides on-paper specifications as well. As you might already know, Samsung is expected to incorporate — and inaugurate — the Samsung Pay feature, which (no points for guessing) will be a direct rival to Apple’s payment system. It’s being said that Samsung is working closely with VISA, which happens to be among the world leaders for payment processing systems. This could very well mean that Samsung’s next gen phones be compatible for VISA payments in physical stores (card-less swipes?).

With phones making use of biometrics for things like fingerprint recognition, it becomes indispensable that there’s more focus on security in general. Samsung is apparently working on having that front covered as well, by working closely with McAfee, a firm that happens to be one of the biggest in the security business. People have always been worried about their security, and with phones now carrying uber sensitive data such as fingerprint data, and even data as private as heart rates (among others), it comes to us as no wonder that measures are being taken to prevent security being compromised.

Even though Samsung hasn’t had the best couple of years, the Galaxy S6 will be a major launch for the company in determining how much its going to last in the flagship game in the future.