Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Be Available In A Dual Edge Screen Variant

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Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced, there have been a number of rumors circulating as to what the device will come with and what specs it will have. It has also been widely speculated what type of back will it come with. Will it be plastic (again), metal, or even glass. We also heard the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S6 might come in two variants, the standard version and an Edge version similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

Well, it now looks like the last of these rumors is indeed true. Sammobile today are confirming (via one of their sources) that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come in both a standard and Edge version. What’s more, is that according to Sammobile, the Edge version will (again as one of the rumors had suggested) come with dual edges. This means the Edge version will have a curved edge running down both sides. In terms of the Notes Edge, the S6 version will come with the same panel type of display and will also include the same sort of widgets like Yahoo Finance, pedometer, favorites, contacts and so on.

Likewise, the software is also rumored to be the same as on the Note Edge although it will contain a couple of S6 specific features due to its dual nature. Firstly, you will be able to activate either panel depending on which hand is being used. Not to mention the edges will come with specific call abilities, such as a feature where you can customize contacts by color so the edge lights up in that color when a certain contact is calling. Similarly, when no assigned colors are used, the edges will light up anyway in a standard colored due its newly added ‘Glance Lighting’ feature. At the moment, the actual name of the device has not yet been disclosed and although it is tempting to use the ‘S6 Edge’ tag, as this one has two edges, it might very well go under a different name. It will however, be using the SM-G925 model number. It has always been rumored that the Note Edge was just a practise run for the S6 hence its ‘concept’ status and that does look like it might well be true. Either way, the latest semi-confirmed news is that there will be two Samsung Galaxy S6 devices and one of them will indeed have two edge screens.