Samsung Galaxy S6 To Be Showcased To Selected Partners At CES 2015


Another day, another Samsung rumor. This one is that Samsung are to showcase their new flagship device, the Galaxy S6, at the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES), which kicks off next week in Las Vegas. To expand a little on the rumor, it is that Samsung will showcase the Galaxy S6 and variants to "selected partners" and not to consumers or technology bloggers! This brings to mind clandestine meetings over breakfast between executives where the handset is described as "the merchandise" and is only revealed once the door is locked, all cameras and other recording devices have been handed in and security have given the nod. From experience, this may not be too far from the truth and it not as outrageous as it might seem. After all, although it seems a bit silly to organize a secret meeting at a venue that's already being scrutinized by technology bloggers from all over the world, seeing as carrier executives are almost certainly already in place and let's face it, Las Vegas is big enough such that it should be fairly easy to escape for a few hours – it doesn't sound so far-fetched.

The term "and variants" is interesting as it might lend weight to some of the rumors circulating the Internet that Samsung is set to debut a follow-up device to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, with an innovative curved front screen giving the device extra screen real estate. Or it may well be that there are North American and International flavors of the Galaxy S6 (this certainly seems plausible). Perhaps there are both versions; Samsung have traditionally used different chipsets depending on the market. And writing of chipsets, we're expecting the new flagship S6 to either contain a Samsung Exynos 7420 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Other rumored specifications include a QHD (that being, 2,560 by 1,440, which is the same as the Nexus 6), 3 GB of RAM and a 16 MP or 20 MP rear camera. With it being a Samsung, we can also expect a Super AMOLED screen of some description. We don't know if it'll be built from either plastic, metal or a blend of the two materials.


Whatever happens, we aren't expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S6 at the CES this year. Samsung have traditionally announced their flagship model any time from January to May and I'd expect the business to need to make something of a big splash: any announcement may be partially lost among the noise of CES plus the ever-present threat that Apple will invent smartwatches and announce the iWatch, no sorry, Apple Watch release date in the next few days. Samsung will want a quiet news week; we'll keep you in the loop.

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