Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored To Come With Non-Removable Glass Back


One of the staples of Samsung Galaxy smartphones was their general build and ability to be got into. This is best thought of, in terms of their removable backs. In fact, Samsung used to use this as an actual selling point. Remember those videos they released for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5? The Wall Hugger videos? Well, these were a blatant pop at iPhones (and their users), who had to hug the wall to make sure their devices were charged. In contrast, the videos would highlight Samsung users could simply pop off their backs, change their batteries and be on the move again. No wall hugging going on here.

Well, the next big thing is (almost) here and it seems if you pick up the Samsung Galaxy S6 this year, you just might find yourself returning to the wall hugging years. The latest on the rumor front is that Samsung is planning to introduce Glass backs on their newest Galaxy incarnation. In spite of those clever wall hugging videos of last year, Samsung were heavily criticized for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its use of a plastic (and not considered high-end) back. As such, the initial rumors were that Samsung might be going for a more aluminum type device this year. However, the latest is that the new Samsung device might come with a 'high-end' glass back.


The benefit of such a backing will be that the Galaxy S6 is a more unique and more modern looking device. According to the speculation, the new back will contain two glass panels joined together by a metal frame. So the S6 will look quite nice from the back. The downside however, will be that this is a non-removable back and as such, there will be no ability to change your battery like in previous models. Of course, if the S6 comes with a massive battery (which it will need if the other spec rumors are true), then this won't be as much of an issue. Although, with smartphones generally becoming more processor heavy too, it is possible those wall hugging days for Samsung users might be back on the horizon. Metal, plastic or glass? What would you like to see on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S6? Let us know.

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