Samsung Brings On Co-President Of Design Firm Co-Founded By Apple's Jony Ive

AH Samsung Galaxy S5 14 LOGO

Most things shared between Apple and Samsung probably consist of heated words and arguments in court battles, as they certainly aren’t sharing patents with eachother. In the midst of all the lawsuits though it’s nice when we can sit back and have a tiny chuckle at the little things, like Apple apparently hiring Samsung to produce the System-On-Chips for the first generation Apple Watch despite their trying to sue each other in court, or Samsung hiring on the head designer(Lee Don-Tae)of Tangerine. Not familiar with Tangerine? It’s a London based design firm which was Co-Founded by Apple’s Jony Ive. Yes that Jony Ive, the guy who was lead designer on projects like the iPhone and the iPad.

Lee Don-Tae used to be Co-President of Tangerine before getting signed on to lead all of Samsung Electronic’s design centers. Just thinking about the court battles going on between Apple and Samsung currently, and about the cases that had gone on between the two tech giants in the past which were actually over the design of the Galaxy S devices looking too similar to the iPhone, you can’t help but laugh that Samsung now employs a person who use to work with Apple’s VP of design.

Now just because Samsung has hired someone that used to work with the guy who designed Apple’s iPhones and iPads, doesn’t mean that they’ll end up with more devices in the future that look similar, although it would be kind of hilarious.(not for Apple of course)Samsung is likely looking for Lee to bring the same or similar sort of design style from Tangerine to their products going forward though, which according to the Korean media is what Ive did for Apple with the devices he oversaw as well as the design of iOS 7. Lee is now going to be heading the design centers for the entire company globally, so that means we should be seeing his design queues in just about all of Samsung’s products, even mobile devices. This could be a good thing for Samsung as they haven’t exactly been praised for the award winning mobile designs. Not that their smartphones and tablets look bad by any means, but many have criticized them for not being as elegant as made out to be.