Runkeeper Updates App With Spotify Integration, Although Not For Android Just Yet

January 29, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Music and fitness is somewhat of a match made in heaven. They feel like they go hand in hand, one compliments the other, however you want to put it, listening to music while you exercise can not only be fun, but it can be extremely motivating too. This has even been made extremely simple as there are a handful of fitness related apps that people use on a daily basis on their smartphones, and our smartphones also act as our music players. Things get even better when your fitness apps integrate with your favorite music source, something that Runkeeper is announcing today with one of their most requested features, Spotify integration.

Those who use Runkeeper and Spotify will be happy to know that the two can now be used in tandem, as Runkeeper has now integrated Spotify playlists into the app for use while you exercise. After plenty of users had been asking for Spotify integration it seems that Runkeeper was finally able to oblige, the only downside to this is that right now this update to the Runkeeper app with newly added Spotify support is an iOS only feature. Those of us on Android will seemingly have to wait a little longer before we can get our hands on it.

This isn’t a total loss, as at least now we know the feature is coming, or so we should expect. So sometime in the near future, hopefully, you’ll be able to load up your favorite Spotify playlists and jam out while you run. In Runkeeper’s blog post announcing this change, there was no mention of an Android update to bring this feature to the masses, but Runkeeper and Spotify are both available on Android so we don’t see why the feature wouldn’t show up at some point. For now it seems you’ll have to continue using Runkeeper with Spotify perhaps running in the background without integration, or whatever other music source you use while you run. When the Android update comes along that has Spotify support included we’ll post an update to let our readers know. Do you use Runkeeper and/or Spotify? If not, what apps do you use in their place?