Rumor: Double-Edged Galaxy S6 Could be Limited Edition Handset



Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge, pictured above, is Samsung's first attempt at using their flexible OLED technology in a mainstream device, even if it isn't as widely available as the original Galaxy Note 4. It's called the Edge, because the display appears to fall off the edge and curve over the side of the device. This part of the display is actually a very small flexible display that houses a few quick links and some controls when you're inside of apps. We recently reviewed the Galaxy Note Edge, and it now seems like a version of the Galaxy S6 could launch with such an edge on both sides of its display, albeit in limited quantities.


According to Korean news publication Asian Economies, just 10 Million Galaxy S6 Edge devices will be shipped throughout 2015. That figure pales in comparison to the 45 Million figure estimated for the Galaxy S6 as a whole. According to the report, this version of the device will feature an Edge on both sides of the display, unlike the Galaxy Note Edge which features just one on the right-hand side of the display. As for the internals, the 64-bit Exynos chip we've been hearing a lot about is pegged to be at the right of such a limited edition device.

Would Samsung release such a device? Well, we see no reason why they wouldn't, they did the same with the Galaxy Note 4, and the industry has been waiting for Samsung to do something different. A device with curved edges either side would certainly fit the "different" category. Still, diluting the strong Galaxy S branding might not be the best move for them, either. Flexible displays are sure to become something of a thing in 2015, LG is to follow up last year's G Flex with a new version during this year's show, and we're sure that both LG and Samsung is keen to make some of the research costs back in device sales sooner rather than later.

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