Report: Galaxy S6 To Sport Samsung’s Very Own 20MP OIS Camera Sensor

January 23, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

The time has come… for a ton of Galaxy S6 rumors, leaks and reports to knock on our door. Well, we’ve been getting all of those for a while now, but in a last couple of days the intensity has definitely increased. Samsung is expected to announce their new flagship in March, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more unofficial info about the device itself. That being said, we have a new report to share with you regarding this handset, let’s see what’s it about.

This report comes from Korea Economic Times, and I guess it’s the most reliable information we have thus far about Samsung’s upcoming handset. The report claims that the Galaxy S6 will ship with a 20-megapixel camera and that OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) will be included in the package. This sensor will be produced by Samsung, according to this report, well, by Samsung’s electro-mechanical division that is. “As the proportion of high-value-added products, such as the 20-mega pixel OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), increased recently, however, the company is chasing two hares at once, i.e. sales growth and profitability.┬áSEM is planning to further increase the production quantity of high-value-added 16-megapixel and 20-megapixel high-priced camera modules this year. In the second half, the 16-megapixel camera modules may be adopted for mid-to low-priced products as well,” says the report.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will allegedly be announced on March 2nd, and will become available soon after that. Aside from the 20-megapixel camera, this handset is expected to feature a quadHD display, 4GB of RAM and will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos processor. Recent reports have been going back and forth when it comes to a second, Qualcomm-powered model, but I do think that Samsung will launch a Snapdragon 810-powered variant of the device as well. I’m talking about the Snapdragon 810 overheating reports that have been going around, but I doubt there’s any truth to them and I do believe Samsung will introduce that second version of the device next to the Exynos-powered version. What are your thoughts here, do you think that Samsung will announce the Snapdragon 810-powered Galaxy S6 or not?

Galaxy S6's alleged 20MP OIS camera sensor by Samsung