PSA: Users In South America And Other Regions Complain About Loss Of Google Now Features After App Update

January 8, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Just yesterday Google updated their official Google app(formerly known as search) which incorporates the Google Now cards and information into one handy app. You can find that post from yesterday here, which has the apk file included to update if you haven’t seen this update pop up in the my apps section on the Play Store yet. Among receiving what looked like a slight(very slight) visual change and also adding in a new Now Cards section into the settings, the app would now allow users to view and manage their Google Now cards history via the browser.

To get all these functions though you’d have to have access to the Google Now features in the first place, and according to what looks like a large grouping of individuals in a number of areas like South America and other latin speaking countries, updating the Google app appears to have taken away some of  the Google Now functionality for them. Reports were noticed by XDA, who did some digging and found that more than just a few people(literally pages full of them)have been complaining they’ve lost Google Now service after the update, so it’s not just an isolated incident with a handful of users. From what we’re gathering the issue looks to be based around consumer based cards, with users pointing out lost functionality of Now cards for sports scores, news, and reminders for certain things.

Exactly how widespread this goes is uncertain but according to XDA a large number of people have been affected by the update resulting in the loss of some Google Now features. You can find plenty of the complaints among the reviews section of the South American Play Store. At the moment we don’t really know if this was some sort of a bug or other issue, or if it was a change intended to happen after this update went through to the regions in which users are being affected. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this in the coming days, and if this was just a simple glitch Google is usually fairly quick with fixing a problem like this related to a big feature of their apps.