Project Tango Graduates from ATAP

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Shortly after Glass graduated from the Google X Labs, now Project Tango has graduated from their ATAP team. For those unaware, ATAP is the Advanced Technology and Projects group, which is part of the Motorola employees that got left behind with the Lenovo/Motorola purchase. They also are working on Project Ara there. So it looks like a few of Google’s projects are growing up. Must be a proud moment over in Mountain View.

Venture Beat had asked Google what this means for Project Tango, and if it meant the project would be scrapped:

“In 2 short years, Tango has achieved many technical successes and Google is committed to continuing to develop the technology. As we’ve said before, one of the strategic pillars of ATAP is temporary project teams and durations. It creates a sense of urgency. Tango’s time in ATAP has just reached the two-year mark, and we’re proud of this successful transition.

All I can say is that Google is committed to continuing to invest and develop Tango technology and applications for users. There are many exciting potential applications for Project Tango, particularly within mobile, but we don’t have any specifics to share right now.”

So we’re not quite sure what the future of Project Tango is, but it looks like Google has some pretty big plans for the project. It’s going to be really interesting to see what Google does with Project Tango in the near future. As it is obviously still a developer program. While Project Tango is very exciting, and interesting. I think more of us are interested in Project Ara, which is another one of Google’s project that the ATAP team is responsible for. The modular smartphone. Definitely exciting, especially with as quickly as these smartphones get outdated and replaced. You can check out the source below for more info on this.