Possible Galaxy S6 Case Reveals Dimensions of Samsung's Coming Flagship


The Galaxy S6 from Samsung is shaping up, at least from what we've seen from various leaks and things of the sort, to be a rather Samsung-generic device, especially given the idea that Samsung wanted to 'go back to basics' and start  new design for the S6 from scratch.  regardless, of how much of a lie that might actually be or have been, we have yet another leak for you all today.  This one comes to us from the French nowhereelse.fr.

The leak features a case, one of those simple silicone affairs that you could get on Amazon for a dollar or two but it works well enough as a case.  It also gives us a set of dimensions for the case, and thus the phone (essentially).  These cases also give us a good idea of the orientation and location(s) of the various external ports and things around the device.


first, let's hit the ports and buttons.  Since it's Samsung, and they'd be hard-pressed (like on the Note Edge's lack of a right side) to move the power button from the right side of the device, as with the volume rocker from the left side, so those are where we expect them to be as of now.  Next, in line with the various case leaks and sales for the S6 popping up across the internet is the horizontally positioned camera-and-flash / heart-rate monitor apparatus, is the rounded rectangular off-center cutout we expected.  Next is the Micro USB 2.0 charging / syncing port, which is, as usual, position in the middle of the bottom of the phone, with the primary microphone to the side.  The headphone jack, interestingly, is on the bottom-left (if you look from the front of the case / device) instead of the usual placement on top.  And another big mover is the speaker grill.  Historically, the speaker has been on the back of the device, next to the camera and flash (dating all the way back to the Nexus S, if any of you remember that configuration), but this year, as with the Note III in fall of 2013, the speaker is moved to the bottom-right (from the front view again), and it look like it might just be a few holes, as with the great slew of edge-facing speakers nowadays, but maybe the repositioning is needed to keep the phone slim?

And, to the top edge now.  The top houses the remaining ports, the secondary / noise-cancellation microphone, positioned next to the rather large cutout for the infrared blaster.  And, as might many case-related leaks, we also are graced with a couple of schematic shots with measurements of the case and thus a rough idea of what the dimensions of the phone will be, since cases are only developed for nearly- or fully-completed devices' exteriors.

The case is shown to have a 70.7 millimeter width, that's just over 2 ¾ inches wide for the U.S. folks.  It's also got a 143.52 millimeter height, which is a bit over 5 ½ inches.  The case is also shown to have a rather astounding, for Samsung that is,  7.19 millimeter thickness, which is under â…" of an inch (0.28-ish if you care about a more precise number).  This means that the phone will be ever-so-slightly thinner, less wide, and narrower, which is great if you are a fan of slim-line phones.  But, we'd like to conclude with a possible warning: since Samsung makes so many devices, with so many being so thin, this could be for an unreleased iteration of some other line from the South Korean giant.


With the S6's rumored QuadHD 2560 by 1660 pixel display, 20 megapixel back camera, 3 gigabytes of RAM, TouchWiz running atop Lollipop, Android 5.0 powered by an Exynos 7420 octa-core 64-bit processor, do these dimensions make it a little clearer what game Samsung is playing, or will we wait for official leaked photos from the South Korean manufacturer to surface before passing 'I totally will get this' or 'wouldn't even consider it' judgement?  What colors, since we don't know that one yet, do you hope that Samsung launches from the outset of the S6?

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