Pebble and CommandWear Team Up for a Multimedia Situational Awareness Platform on the Wrist

Android Wear is a great and new platform for development, improvement, and changes.  Pebble, however, is less new but still a very relevant solution for those folks that would like to have a notification center on their wrist, but not be stuck with Android, or simply want a better battery life for their smartwatch.  Pebble, therefore, is superior in one of the essential elements and areas for people that have a constantly-moving, don't-have-time-to-sit-and-charge kind of day, lifestyle, or job.  That is one of the central reasons for a new partnership between Pebble and a company called CommandWear.

CommandWear is a company that allows for the networking together of various devices and platforms to form a communication network, which is ideal for emergency and first response crews.  The service's 2.0 version is what involves Pebble and it goes a little like this.  CommandWear and Pebble are now partnered to utilize Pebble's easy-to-read and long-lasting smartwatch to enhance and free the hands of emergency work, especially while driving or when no hands are available.  The Pebble still boasts a stand-out vibration and getting-your-attention system, which will be beneficial to those people that might be in places where it's too loud to hear what you just shouted, let alone a phone ringing or buzzing.

The Pebble is also a great choice because, not only does its battery life make it a great companion for those that don't want to have to charge it every night, it's great for those that physically can't charge it overnight, guaranteeing days of use on a single charge.  The benefit of the Pebble, for consumers and workers alike, is the cross-device compatibility.  If a person has an iPhone for personal and a ruggedized Android device for work, the Pebble lets them stay connected through a single wrist-bourne device.

As the idea goes, Pebble will help extend the capabilities of the emergency and first-response teams so that they can connect, communicate, and relay information better, faster, and to better ends than before.  CommandGear and Pebble's partnership is definitely one to watch develop, especially because the next emergency worker you see might check their wrist before their pager or phone before running off.  Do you think that wrist-bourne devices are a step toward or aside from the future of streamlined and connected emergency situation handling?  Do you think that the idea of using consumer-grade devices for new purposes and situations, is the way to go, or should we continue to segregate the consumer- and worker-grade devices as we have in the past?  Let us know down below.

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