Parrot Unveil The 'RNB6' Which is Powered By Android Lollipop And Also Supports Android Auto


Since Google's I/O event, we have been on and off hearing about one of Android's new platforms, Android Auto. This is in short, Android for you car. Different to simply having your phone in your car, this android-in-the-car offers the android experience for your car's infotainment unit, controlling your music, messages and general communications. The one issue with Android Auto is that it needs an android connected smartphone to connect and be drive (pun) the unit.

Well, Parrot, today at CES have unveiled their latest offering which is going by the catchy 'RNB6' name. In spite of its name, the RNB6 is an interesting proposition. To clarify, the RNB6 is an infotainment system for you car and this does offer Android Auto functionality. So if you have an android smartphone and this unit installed, you can connect the two and reap all the benefits Android Auto offers. That said, if you don't have an android smartphone (or simply don't want to connect it to your car) then it does not matter. As well as Android Auto functionality the RNB6 also contains a version of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) built-in. The built-in Lollipop is developed by Parrot and offers users most of the functionality you would expect include onboard navigation, vehicle diagnostics as well as the ability to make calls, send messages and control your media. There is also a few additional features thrown in as well like driving assistance and voice control.


The RNB6 comes with a 7" 720p touchscreen and a 4 x 55W audio amplifier to make sure all your media comes through nice and clear. If the RNB6 dual Android Auto/Lollipop feature sounds like something you might be interested in, then unfortunately you are in for a bit of a wait. At the moment, there are pretty much no details on when the unit will be available to buy and even less details on how much it will cost. That said, it should be available at some point this year. For now though you can (and should) check out the video below to see what the RNB6 will offer.

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