OnePlus One Will Be Available To Buy Without Invite On January 20th For Two Hours


In spite of the year just starting, OnePlus have been making a few headlines in 2015. That is due to the new year bringing with it anticipation of what OnePlus might bring out this year to follow on from the OnPlus One. As such, we have started to hear detailed rumors about the OnePlus Two. The most recent of these was that the OnePlus Two will come with the same 5.5" screen on the OnePlus One, but with a better resolution (in the form of QHD). It will also apparently offer better performance due to the rumored inclusion of the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Not to mention it was also rumored to come with 4GB RAM, a 3,300mAh battery and will be expected to be running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) out of the box.

Interestingly, we also heard suggestions from Carl Pei (OnePlus CEO) that there might even be two OnePlus devices coming to market this year. Of course, details about this second mystery device were not provided, although it was suggested that this might be more of a 'design killer' than a spec orientated 'flagship killer'. However, in spite of all this talk about the OnePlus Two and the mystery design-killing other OnePlus device, the original OnePlus One is still not largely available. The year following the launch of the device and those interested in it, still need an invite to purchase the One.


Well, that is except for January 20th. This morning OnePlus have announced that on January 20th no invite will be needed to pick up the device. If you want the One you can simply just buy one. It is worth noting though, that this is not an all day event. In fact, similar to past sales, it will only be available for two hours. If you are in Asia it will be between 7pm and 9pm HKT. If you are in Europe then it will be between 7pm and 9pm GMT. Lastly, if you are in North America then the sale will be open again between 7pm and 9pm EST. At first, it might seem strange that the sale is commencing at different times (albeit always 7 to 9pm) in different areas but this is probably how OnePlus have decided to deal with the influx of customers. If you remember, last time they did a two-hour sale their servers were overwhelmed resulting in website issues for a number of people. So this staggered approach might mean if you do seriously want a One, you might be able to get it. Remember, January 20th, 7pm – 9pm locally to where you are.

OPO Jan 20

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