OnePlus One Melts Charging Port While Left On Charge Overnight

Last year, we did hear about quite a few device horror stories and malfunctions. Remember the OnePlus One exploding in a user's back pocket? Then there was the nine-year old kid who was using a Samsung tablet which also exploded. More recently there was the LG G3 owner who was telling us about their exploding G3 while charging on the bed. If you are a Nexus 6 owner then you have not escaped the headlines either with the very recent reports coming through about the Nexus 6 covers becoming warped or bloated which is possibly due to expanding batteries inside. It is enough to give anyone thinking of picking up a new device, nightmares.

Well, the horror stories have not finished yet as the latest one is another OnePlus One user account. Similar to the one we heard last year, this is another OnePlus One power issue. Although unlike the one from last year, this user experienced the problem while charging their device. The user notes that they had been charging their device and had started noticing the One getting hot. After a quick reboot and continuing to charge the device the owner woke up the next morning to find the One had effectively burned out the charging port completely. As you can see from the images above and below, the damage was quite substantial.

Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances for these seldom heard cases and here are those circumstances according to the user. The One was a new device. They had only recently (over the holidays) received the device. The user does note that they had been charging the One previously with a range of different cables including a Samsung Galaxy S3 cable and also using an in-car charger. In fact, according to the user, when they contacted OnePlus about the issue they were informed that it would not be fixed (or replaced), due to the use of third party charging cables. Instead, the user reports the cost to fix the item by OnePlus was $350. Which as we know is pretty much the cost of the device to begin with. You can read the users story in full by clicking here and heading over to the XDA thread on the topic. Anyone else noticed any issues like this while using 3rd party chargers? Let us know.

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