Official Statement by Samsung Sinks The Galaxy S6 Waterproof Rumors

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According to an official statement by Samsung, this time around the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will not be waterproof. Rather, waterproof versions will be marketed as a separate product. Like their previous phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung is opting to offer both a standard version and a waterproof version of their new flagship. From the official statement, it also seems as though there will be a waterproof version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, for a total of at least four variants.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was Samsung’s first major foray into the world of waterproof phones. While previously the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, an offshoot of the Samsung Galaxy S4, touted water-resistant features, its status as an offshoot and downgraded specs meant that it did not enjoy major revenue streams. The Galaxy S5, on the other hand, was the first flagship to have water-resistance as a feature. The flap that covered the Galaxy S5’s USB port and allowed it its status as waterproof was often criticized as unnecessary, considering that many users had no use for such a feature. Waterproofing the phone also understandably lead to a small amount of additional bulk. The feature was thought to have contributed to the unnecessarily lower profit margin this time around.

By forgetting about water-resistance this time around, the hope is that it will allow lower production costs, raise the profit margin, and allow Samsung to allocate the funds to other more necessary features. The bright side of this is that it could lead to thinner and finer edges on the phone and the ability to exploit the best possible options in metallic textures and glass. With its alleged metal design, the S6 would be likely to sink like a rock anyway. We are unsure as to whether Samsung will choose to go with a different material choice for the Galaxy S6 Active.

For those who would still prefer a water-resistant phone, they can opt to purchase the separate Samsung Galaxy S6 Active instead of the standard flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and all variations are expected to be officially revealed at the Mobile World Congress in March of this year.