No. 1 G2 Smartwatch Shows off Its Style and Functionality

When looking for a smartwatch you have quite a few options are your disposal nowadays.  What was once reserved only for Pebble and maybe the Galaxy Gear two years ago is now a selection of dozens of different brands, types and styles.  On top of this you have to consider compatibility and price, which are probably the two biggest defining factors behind these sorts of devices.  Will they run on your phone at all, or do you need something else?  You also don't want to break the bank with the purchase of just a watch, and while smartwatches do a lot it can be difficult to justify spending over $200 or $300 for something that you only use part of the day.  That's where No. 1 comes in, a Chinese company that specializes in making lookalikes of other products at significantly cheaper prices.  We've reviewed both the No. 1 Plus and the No. 1 Mi4 and found that both stand up to this benchmark.

If you've ever laid eyes on the Samsung Gear 2 you'll immediately recognize the style of the watch.  It features Samsung's square boxy style along with the same home button placement right under the screen as well as a 2MP camera and IR sensor above the screen.  You'll find the same style of heart rate sensor underneath the watch as well as a similar charging dock to stick the watch in at night.  What's more is that the bands work via standard pins, so switching the band out with any regularly shaped 22mm band should prove no problem as it is with the Gear series.  The watch also comes in silver or gold so you can pick what works best for your style.  No. 1 has a few different types of bands to choose from including a rubberized TPU type, metal and leather among a handful of other styles.  Oh and don't forget that this actually has sapphire glass on the face, meaning it's nearly impossible to scratch it up no matter what you do.

In terms of features the No. 1 G2 packs as many features as you could probably think of.  The heart rate sensor on the back comes into full use with the included software, and the infrared sensor can be used to control anything from your TV to other smart home appliances.  No. 1 has built in camera functionality not just on the watch itself but also gives you the option of using it as a remote shutter for the camera on your smartphone.  Among seemingly a million other features you can also have your phone automatically lock if you step outside of range of the device with your G2 on, find your phone if it got lost in the couch cushions again, take voice memos, calls and text messages right on the watch as well as a number of other things.

Given that this is connected to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 you can be rest assured the constant connection won't be drawing much power from either your phone or the watch.  There's also the added benefit of having a custom OS for the watch, meaning that you can connect the No. 1 G2 to both an iPhone and any Android device via the MediaTek SmartDevice software.  There is an app store too but at this point it seems like it's only in Chinese, however that's likely to change as No. 1 expands more globally.  Check out No. 1's website below for more information, and be sure to watch the video tutorials No. 1 has been putting out to make sure you're getting as much value out of the smartwatch if you decide to pick one up!

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