Niantic Labs To Start Handing Out Medals For Recruiting Agents To Ingress

By now anyone who plays games on Android (and even iOS), should be familiar with Ingress, the GPS-based augmented reality game from Google's own Niantic Labs. Ingress is all about gaining and keeping control of certain areas and locations around the globe. Players pick sides and choose to fight for one of two opposing factions, the enlightened, or the resistance. As an agent of either side your goal is to go out into the world and find these locations where "xm anomaly's" are happening to emerge. These are known as portals and what both you and your team, as well as the teams from the opposing faction, will be fighting to control. Each tower permits a certain amount of "mind control units" to the faction, thus gaining them a certain amount of points, which are added up on a global scale to determine who is technically winning at any given time.

While the basic concept of Ingress consisted of simply controlling portals and creating mind control fields in the beginning, with added level up components to give a certain aspect of achievement to the player, Niantic has added many different layers to the game now that give it even more depth than it already had. Like medals and badges. Medals and badges can be considered your actual achievements if you will, and there are medals for all different kinds of things, like holding a portal for a certain amount of time or hacking distinct portals, and now Niantic wants to give out medals for recruiting other players. There is a new recruit tab in the ops menu where players can send out recruiting messages to friends, just like before, but now you actually get medals for it.

You can grab medals in varying different levels from bronze, to silver, to gold, then platinum, and finally onyx, and this includes the new assortment of medals for recruiting other agents. Helpful sites like Fev Games are awesome at getting people acquainted with all kinds of Ingress related material including descriptions of all the medals you can achieve. To become a Bronze recruiter all you need to do is recruit two other agents, simple right?. For silver, the requirement bumps to enlisting 10 agents. Gold ups the enlistment to 25 agents, platinum takes it to 50 agents, and finally to grab yourself the onyx recruiter medal, you'll have to enlist a total of 100 agents. For all medals, the number of agents you enlist must each achieve level 3 before you're awarded each medal. Niantic is also going to be putting up a recruiter leaderboard to show the faction who enlists the most agents every so often, so if you're die-hard for your faction and know plenty of people who have never played before, it might be time to do some recruiting for your team.

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