Multiple Galaxy S6 Variants Including Curved-Screen Ones Being Tested By Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge AH 22

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S6 is around the corner. The next-in-line Samsung flagship is expected to show up (officially) in the first half of next year. A lot of ‘leaks’ earlier alleged that it would come during the CES, but that happening is out of the question now. However, what these leaks did probably get right is the fact that the device has been given a codename — Project Zero — at the Samsung camps. This is because there’s going to be quite an overhaul, at least as far as build quality is concerned; after the amount of criticism Samsung has faced for its plastic built phones, this only seems wise.

A redditor by the name of ‘SamsungRep2015’ spilled the beans on possible variants of the Galaxy S6. He said, “Project Zero is indeed a real thing. I’ve also seen two different GS6 Edge variants, one with the normal Youm display on the Edge, and one with dual curved edges. However, when I went to my orientation, a few weeks before the S5 came out I got to physically see the 5.2 inch version. Samsung prototypes a lot and things change extremely rapidly. As far as performance, benchmarks are noticeably higher but not by earth shattering amounts. Overall device responsiveness is vastly improved, and memory consumption is way down. Some build have freed over a gig of memory consumption from cold boot.”

“[It’s] not just specs Samsung is focusing on this time around. I’ve heard lots of rumblings about crazy new designs (and I’m not just talking Galaxy Alpha ‘redesigns’ either.) Spec wise though, that all lines up with what I’ve seen/heard, but again there’s quite a good chunk of time between now and April,” conceded SamsungRep2015.

Now, this ain’t just another redditor; the poster is a Samsung employee, whose identity has also been verified by a Reddit moderator. All this adds up to quite a bit of info for the next flagship; we have a fair idea of what it will have under the hood, but now we also know how it probably will look on the outside. The Note Edge had earlier been dissed by the critiques, but people slowly have gotten used to a screen that folds into the chassis. But, is it enough to make another, a more commercial phone with one?