Motorola Spreading The Love With $140 Off $500 And $50 Off $250 Purchases For Valentines Day


As February rolls around, Valentines Day is upon us. Traditionally, you might be expected to buy your partner flowers, chocolates, maybe some jewelry, but the times have changed. If you are in the mood to buy your loved one a new smartphone then listen up. It seems Motorola are feeling the love and want to share some of that love with you, by means of a discount. After all, we all love a discount right?

Well, starting from Monday (Feb 2nd), Motorola are offering $140 off of any purchases that costs $499.99 or more. If you are not intending on spending that much, then they are also offering $50 off of any purchase of $249.99 or more. That said, this is not a straight up 'prices will be knocked down' sort of deal. Instead, the company are offering a promo code, which once you add, will deduct (either the $140 or $50) from your total bill at checkout. To get the promo code, you will need to register for the deal via Motorola and can do so by clicking here. Registration will be a one-day thing, so you will only have between 11am CT and 11.59pm CT on February 2nd to register. Once you register, Motorola will send you the promo code and you will have up until February 14th to use it. It is also worth noting, that as well as the limited time you have to register, Motorola are also only offering 200,000 promo codes.


That said, if you do miss the promotion on the 2nd or apply after the 200,000 have already been given out, then from February 3rd, Motorola do say they will be offering $100 off of $499.99 and $35 off off $249.99 sitewide anyway. Not quite as much savings as the promo code will give you but still not bad. In terms of what you can and can't get, it seems the Google Nexus 6 is unfortunately not included as part of the buyable options. As is the Moto X (2nd Gen) on Republic Wireless. That said, everything else seems to be up for grabs including the Moto X (2nd Gen) on all other networks, Moto G, Moto E and Moto 360. Although, these are limited to two devices per purchase. If you are interested, you can read the full details of the sale by clicking the source link below.

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