Motorola Says They "Could Be" Considering A Higher Level Of Customization Options For Wearables

One of the very first questions many people were asking when Motorola announced that they would be entering into the smartwatch market with the Moto 360, was whether or not they would be applying the Moto Maker customization options to the watch buying experience upon launch, if at all. While the Moto 360 has been officially launched since the middle of September 2014, there hasn't been any sort of customization on the same level one can expect when buying a Moto X through the Moto Maker website. Does that mean that Motorola doesn't have plans to bring something like that to the table? No, of course not. That is still a possibility, and according to Rock Osterloh who when asked by CNET if they would be giving potential Moto 360 buyers a Moto Maker experience anytime in the future, his response was "could be."

We know that isn't exactly a definitive yes or no, but it's better than a no on every level as it still suggests that Motorola may be thinking about it and it's an option that's still on the table for them. Following up the statement that Motorola "could be" looking into a Moto 360 Moto Maker option, Osterloh mentioned that they had no major announcements surrounding that level of customization, but that CNET's intuition was very good, so it's safe to assume that they do have some customization plans for the Moto 360, or perhaps a successor to the Moto 360 when that time comes.

Whatever Motorola's plans are for the future of wearables, the two key factors that have set them apart in the smartwatch space, round design, and premium materials like metal and leather are now no longer unique to Motorola. LG's G Watch R seems to have just as easily captivated the audience of consumers who may have been considering a Moto 360, and that's just Android Wear. Other smartwatches from different brands like the Apple Watch are offering boatloads of customization options including the use of premium materials. Where Motorola could set themselves apart even further and come out ahead is to offer a level of customization that is hard to rival, and Moto Maker could be a great way for them to do that. Here's to hoping this becomes a reality.

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