Moto X (2013) Models to Get Features from 2014 Model in Android Lollipop Update



Motorola hit the scene back in the summer of 2013 with a new emphasis on simple hardware choices as well as simple software. Back then, the company was owned by Google and the use of stock Android was pretty much expected, but it never felt like Motorola used stock Android because they felt like they had to. Instead, they put in the time and effort making meaningful software additions like the voice control features and changing the apps they felt needed to be changed, rather than just mess around with Android for the sake of it. This software philosophy carried through to last year's second-generation Moto X, which was one of the better devices to launch last year. The Moto X (2014) model has already been updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, but original Moto X users are still waiting, but it sounds like this wait is going to be well worth it.


Talking on Google+ a few days ago, software engineer Luciano Carvalho spoke about the upcoming updates for the original Moto X and among all the comments of impatient users not looking to wait much longer, he let slip that all features from the 2014 version will trickle down to the original. As long as they aren't hardware dependent of course, which is understandable. His exact words were: "he original Moto X will get all features from 2nd gen that are not dependent on hardware. This excludes Best Photo feature from Camera/Gallery and a couple Moto Actions dependent on the new IR sensors)… Yes, the Moto app with new Moto Voice app will be there."

It's really quite refreshing to see that Motorola's software engineers genuinely care about their users, and considering there are so many different variants of the the Moto X, it's no surprise that things are going to take a little longer. New software features from the Moto X (2014), like the ability to change the hook that activates Moto Voice to anything you want is no doubt going to be nice to have. While the update is taking a little longer than many would have hoped, Motorola is still on track to deliver an update to a device from 2013 before the majority of manufacturers.

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